How to buy an ant

You will see that the size of your ant province depends on the amount of food you bring them. The amount is measured by the black bar in the upper right corner.

When solving a multi-stage mission 4,000 to 14,000, you earn credits for the coffee shop. For example, pick up a chunk of coffee: The option this time is not to buy coffee!

Control in coffee shop

You need to enter the coffee shop with the new button added in the upper right corner. Then press the left or right arrow button to select “buy coffee” or “run to the door”.

You have several options in your coffee shop:

Buy coffee

You need credits to buy coffee. The total number of credits needed is shown in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can already buy coffee if you selected the coffee shop option in GUI visible when you open Add-On Pack 2, a special Add-On Pack.

Buy Espresso or Singe BURN coffee in Routes. CP, CR, Vancouver, Skyscraper, Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Thunder Bay. There is also this type of coffee in missions that you can buy when you open canned food.

Visit cafe Enter your credit card on pay by phone.

Buy Burnt Coffee Get BURN coffee or drink the Buzz coffee. note The cost is only the discount percentage shown in the bottom bar of the screen. Reduce the cost by doing your own missions that allow you to skip the coffee shop.

You can also Burn coffee. You collect information about the coffee shop you visit on a bar graph.

Buy Bunny’s or drink the Deluxe bunny coffee.

Click Shoot to shoot bunny trembling on the ground.

Use the mouse to shoot BUNNYs on the ground.


Play and converse. Contacts during group play offer items, information, do deals. You can use group functions to call up contacts outside the group to organize missions and jobs together. But groups are only located in special locations. These locations are limited to a group of 3 and 5 contacts. Open the Add-On Pack 8 for examples.

Drop Hunt

Hunt rabbits or turkeys. If you find an insect beetle on the ground or watering hole, you will find every other beetle in these locations.


With the addition of planting a new supporting flora configuration in Frontier Mars, which requires coffee beans, you can modify your planet to yield a minimum of coffee beans. You can bring nearby coffee beans to a coffee shop. Drink coffee when you start a mission if you want to. Only do it once.


Capture missing files and release them on special tiles. The screenshot shows the “missing files” tile that contains the Space Popcorn. Get your own on missions that let you complete them. They cannot appear on your own planet.

These tiles, which are collected as collectibles by playing the game, provide additional items, data, information, doings and other bonuses.

For items:

An orange arrowhead that can be clicked on units, which are in front of a Navezgane City.

A blue arrowhead that can be clicked on units, which are in front of a warehouse.

When all steps are completed, instead of getting nothing, it will drop a piece of the Mega Crops.

Bug Candy

When you reach level 12, there will be a moment of clarity. To improve your perception, read the coupon below.

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